Avoid Making These Mistakes When Using a Slow Cooker

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Investing in a slow cooker can prove to be one of the best choices you make for your kitchen. You can easily put all the ingredients inside the slow cooker, press a few buttons to do the settings, and leave it to cook your delicious meals. After doing this, you can carry on with your daily tasks and return home to a delicious meal waiting for you. These meals are especially great for winter days when you need something warm right after coming back home.

While slow cooker is supposed to be an easy to use appliance, you might still be making some mistakes while using this simple appliance. Small mistakes made while handling the slow cooker can affect the final tasks of your food, and can cause you to waste a lot of money over time as well.

Here are some of the biggest mistakes you should avoid making when using a slow cooker.

Using Too Much Water

If you end up using too much water at the start, your meal might come out to be too watery. If this happens, you can try adding less water the next time. You can also take out half of the liquid and boil it on a separate saucepan. You can make it into a thick sauce to pour back into the soup. This is the best way to correct your mistake when using a slow cooker. Check out Crock Pot sccpvl610-s for more information.


Slow cookers do come with a maximum capacity, and you should keep that capacity in mind while cooking any type of food in the slow cooker. Keep in mind that veggies and meat have the potential to make more water as you continue cooking. So, your slow cooker must be large enough to accommodate the excess water.