Best Stock Photo Sites With Free Photos

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Stock photos have become sort of a standard in the blogging community. Moat people, in fact, analyze the quality of a blog post by the visual things like photos included in it. If you, as a blogger, end up making some wrong choices, you might end up paying a fortune for not-so-great stock photos.

Fortunately, there’s now a better alternative to the expensive stock photos. There are many websites with free quality stock photography, and you can download as many free photos as you want for your blog posts.

Here are some of the best free stock photo sites that you can use to get free stock photos for your blog.

When it comes to downloading a lot of high resolution images free of cost, this platform has a lot of them. There are lots of filters and search options as well which allow you to find the exact stock photo to meet your criteria. You will usually find the most popular images on top and on the main page of the website. This feature allows you to download and select the most popular images in every category.

All of the stock photos uploaded on this platform on a daily bases come under the umbrella of creative commons.


All of the free stock photos on the Pexels site have a creative commons zero license. The pictures are easily searchable as well just like the website mentioned above.

Burst By Shopify

This platform is especially created by Shopify as a free stock imagery platform for entrepreneurs. These photos are also licensed under creative commons. Shopify also has it’s own license for most of the photos. There are some of the other best stock photo sites as well that you definitely should search about and try for your own.