Career Paths Available After CLAT

eligibility for clat course

Law is a very rewarding and noble profession. The opportunities in this field are endless. With laws and regulations everyday, the demand for legal professionals in the country is also rapidly increasing.

However, to become a legal professional, first you’ll have to graduate from a law school. This isn’t a difficult thing to do when you’re living in India, as there are lots of good law schools making many good lawyers every year. However, top law schools offer their admissions through CLAT exam. Passing this competitive exam is very important for law aspirants who want to graduate from renowned law schools in India. You can join a crash course for CLAT 2021 and take part in this exam to apply for top law colleges.

Here is a brief list of opportunities that you’re presented with after CLAT exam.

Corporate Law Services

For corporate law services ICLS exam is taken. You are required to take part in and pass the Civil Services Exam to land a job in the corporate law services sector in India. Many law graduates dream of passing this exam.

However, there is a similar exam which is conducted at the state level. This is available for those law students who want to provide their services at the state level.

Law Firm Jobs

Law forms are actually teams of lawyers providing every type of legal service to their clients under one brand name. There are lots of reputable law firms in India which have built a name for themselves, and are gaining more popularity as time passes.

Top law forms have their own exams and testing criteria to recruiting new lawyers, and they offer attractive salaries for lawyers working under their umbrella.

So, these were only a few of the many opportunities that you can avail after your CLAT exam.