How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

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Thinking about solar panels can be a very stimulating process for you once all has been said and is now out of the way. The reason behind this is that it would give you the ability to perceive a future wherein we are no longer beholden to fossils that we pull out of the ground thereby destroying the only planet that we know of which can sustain human life and allow it to thrive. While it is perfectly understandable that you might want to switch to a solar solution sooner rather than later, suffice it to say that it is not something that you can dive into without first doing a fair bit of due diligence once all has been said and is now out of the way.

The first and most important thing that you should factor into your decision making process would be how long you can expect these solar panels to last. The folks over at Greenleaf Carbon Brisbane can give you all the details regarding things of this nature, and the gist of it is that your solar panels will likely work at a hundred percent efficiency and capacity for at least 25 years.

A bit of routine maintenance can your panels last several years more than might have been the case otherwise, and it can also limit the degradation of their overall levels of efficiency. Your solar panels would be 80% as effective after 25 years, but they would still be perfectly functional and taking care of them can make them 90% as effective after this period of time has passed which suggests that they can actually last for several decades at a stretch.

How Do We Reduce Our Carbon Footprint?

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The anxiety that can come with living on a planet that is very quickly moving towards a climate catastrophe is very real indeed. Most people feel this anxiety a lot these days, and it can make it easy for you to feel like there is no hope left and that you should just give up instead of putting any effort into it at all. In spite of the fact that this is the case, it is important to note that everyone can play their part and help to prevent the impending climate catastrophe at the end of the day.

The first step towards doing so would be to use carbon footprint calculator. This will give you a really clear understanding about what aspects of your life result in the most amount of carbon being released into the atmosphere. You can then start to reduce the number of things that are high in carbon emissions. For example, the meat industry is perhaps the single biggest culprit when it comes to carbon emissions and the like, and that means that following a plant based diet can be the most powerful tool that you currently have at your disposal.

You might not think that you can ever stop eating meat, but the thing is that the world is at stake so it would be better if you started now. Avoiding meat can help you knock an enormous chunk out of your overall carbon footprint, and that means that you can safely do a bunch of other things such as take part in air travel without having to worry about the impact it is having on the only planet we can ever call home.

Do This Before Buying a Motherboard For Your Gaming PC

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Motherboard is one of the most important components of any PC. The same is true whether you want to build a gaming PC, or a regular PC for work.

However, choosing the right motherboard is more important in the case of gaming PCs. The mobo must be strong enough to support and power all of the gaming components in your gaming PC.

In this article, we’ll tell you about the most important things you must do when buying a motherboard for your gaming PC.

Choose The Right Form Factor

Form factor is one of the most important things about a motherboard. There are different form factors like ATX, Micro ATX and ITX form factors available for motherboards. Every form factor comes with its own benefits and drawbacks.

The best form factor to choose is ATX, if you have enough space for it in your PC tower. It provides you with the most room for future upgrades.

Pick The Right Socket

After finalizing the form factor, you should also pick the right socket for your motherboard. There are two types of sockets used in majority of Motherboards, and those are Intel socket (they vary in every generation of their Motherboards), and AMD socket (AM4 is the universal standard for AMD motherboards).

So, depending on the CPU brand you have chosen, you should pick the right socket for your motherboard as well.

Keep The Maximum RAM Capacity in Mind

Different mobos support different amounts of maximum RAM capacity. For example, some motherboards come with 2 RAM slots, and others with 4 RAM slots.

You should choose the right number of RAM slots depending on your future memory needs.

PCI Express Availability

If you want to build a gaming PC, getting a suitable motherboard with PCI Express availability is a must. That is because PCI Express is needed to support high end graphics cards.

Tips on Making Your Phone’s Battery Last Longer

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Smartphone batteries have gotten a lot better over the past couple of years. We are getting upwards of 6,000 mAh batteries in phones that are compact and small. However, that does not mean that we are no longer getting phones with mediocre battery lives, or battery lives that seem to not end.

Phones still consume power and considering how the battery life is a combination of hardware and software optimization, it is always better that you are looking at a phone that is good in terms of both. With that out of the way, if you are looking to improve the overall performance of your phone in terms of battery, follow this guide and we can help you out. You can visit agrtech for more information.

Monitor Your Apps

Honestly, there are so many apps that can hog your battery without you noticing it, in the first place. The best thing that you can do here is take care of these things by monitoring the apps. Most modern smartphones will let you know beforehand that the apps are draining the battery, so you can take care of everything right away. But it still is better that you are doing things the right way.

Uninstall Battery Savers

There was a time when battery savers were popular and used all the time. However, the process has changed to a point that it no longer is the same thing. Which means that these battery savers are more or less snake oil and it is better if you are just uninstalling them right away, because that would be a much better solution and you will not have any problems, either. Just be sure that you are getting rid of these apps. Rest assured, things will work just fine.

Benefits of Cell Phone Tracking

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Mobile phones are a must for every person these days since they make communication really easy. However, cell phones are also prone to getting lost, and you know the pain and frustration one has to go through if you have lost a cell phone in the past.

Moreover, if you have children and are concerned about their bad habits, or you are a business owner curious about some of your employees who you suspect to miss use your company’s data?

While all of these can be big problems in any individual’s life, you can easily cope with these issues by using cell phone tracking. If you do not know how to track a cell phone, you should check out geolocalisation. Moreover, here are some of the best benefits of cell phone tracking.

Can Help Find a Lost Device

If you have a tracking application installed in your mobile phone, that application will work in combination with the GPS system to help you track your mobile phone no matter where it might be located. In case you lose your mobile phone, you can easily track it by using a device with Internet connection available.

There are many applications which allow you to track your mobiles location and movement in real time. Moreover, if you cannot track or find your mobile phone, these apps allow you to remotely reset your mobile phone to remove any sensitive data present on it. You can also ring your mobile phone remotely if it is lost somewhere in a restaurant or a house.

You Can Keep an Eye on Your Family

Cell phone tracking can also help you keep an eye on your family members, and especially teenagers. This way, you can ensure their safety and well-being by tracking them. However, we encourage talking to your children about any problems rather than tracking them continuously.

Reasons That Make Audiobooks So Amazing

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Audiobooks have become my favourite over time and the thing that you must know here is that you will need to know whether these things are going to be of any help to you or not. The reason why this is an important thing to look for is that you have to be certain of everything that is going to be in the process.

If you wish to know more about audiobooks, you can head over and find all the information that you want as per the audiobooks. I am just going to tell you about the reasons that make these audiobooks so, so better as compared to some of the other options.

They Provide You With The Convenience

The best part here is that audiobooks come with great convenience, and you don’t really have to stress about anything going wrong. If you are genuinely looking forward to being sure that you are getting the experience that you want you can just enjoy these books anywhere you want to and that too, without anything coming in the way. You cannot get the same experience anywhere else, and that is what makes this so good and so convenient.

Take The Immersion to The Next Level

You will also need to understand that the immersion is taken to the next level because simply put, you will not have to stress over anything if you are not being immersive about it. The good news is that you can easily achieve that with ease, and there are no issues coming your way, either. You just have to look for a proper situation and that is what seems to be the most important aspect because it is important that you are being careful.

Why Contact Centers Are Good For The Economy

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Whenever people discuss contact centers they refer to them in a very businesslike way that makes it seem like the only benefits they have the potential to provide are really focused on how they can help businesses earn a lot more money. There is a pretty good chance that you don’t know about the various other benefits of contact centers that go beyond the businesses that end up investing in them, and the fact of the matter is that learning about these other benefits is really important, perhaps even more so than the business related benefits.

This is because of the fact that contact centers are an amazing way to bolster the economy. All you need to do is click here to figure out how contact centers can do this sort of thing. For starters, they provide much needed jobs that people require to feed their families. The more people that are employed, the better the economy would be since these people would have more money to buy things and circulate right back into our economic system that works quite perfectly when such things have been implemented properly.

In order for any country to end up providing its citizens with a higher quality of life and standard of living, it needs to figure out how it can improve its economic circumstances. This means that contact centers are an important investment not just for businesses but for regular people as well since it would result in a higher rate of employment and these jobs usually pay quite well too so no one would have to worry about where their rent is going to come from at the end of the month.

How an Ethernet Connection is Better For Gaming

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Most of the PC gamers are often divided between world and wireless internet connections for gaming. The simple answer to this question is, an ethernet connection for gaming is the most reliable type of internet connection, and so, gamers should always used a wired connection. Ethernet cable is far superior as compared wifi when it comes to signal stability and connection reliability.

Here’s how gamers can benefit from a wired internet connection.

Higher Speeds

Speeds offered by wifi connections is up to 1 Gigabyte per second. While on the other hand, a wired connection can provide you with up to 10 Gigabytes per second connection speed. It is clear that gaming benefits from high internet speeds, so, ethernet connection is unmatched when in comes to a smooth gaming experience.

Of you want to switch, you can learn how to convert wifi to ethernet and easily do so.

Little to No Interference

If you’re looking for a reliable internet connection, and ethernet connection is the way to go. You’ll hardly have any issues with your gaming experience as far as the internet is concerned if you use an ethernet cable.

Wifi connections are unreliable since they are prone to signal loss due to interference. Radio waves are used by wifi routers to send signals within its range. Many things like walls and doors can cause interference in wifi signals, and can decrease their strength over ling distances. This results in an unreliable and unsteady internet connection.

Low Latency

Latency is one of the most important things for gamers to consider. While routers always introduce latency in an internet connection, you can use a wireless connection to minimize latency. Low latency means great gaming experience. A slow internet connection with high latency can make gaming a nightmare.

The Logistical Benefits of a Virtual Data Room

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After your business has been running for an extended period of time, you would have a veritable mountain of data that would be essential to your business operating on a daily basis. If this data were in paper form it would probably need an enormous room full of file cabinets to be stored in an adequate manner, and as time went by perhaps an entire warehouse would be required. This is because of the fact that we record and store a lot more data than ever before since it is in digital form which means it takes up less space.

Still, because we are collecting so much more data than we have historically, the storage for this data can be similarly cumbersome. You would need large servers that you can access this data from, and these servers take up a lot of space themselves. This can cause problems since real estate is at a premium and you can’t afford an extra room just to put servers in. Being forced to do this can put the profitability of your business in question at least as far as the short term is concerned and perhaps even the long term since you definitely can’t have one without the other.

By using a Firmex data room, you can store all of this data without actually requiring any space. This can allow you to open your business up in a much smaller office, and have your data in a virtual data room instead. This can make the logistics of running your business much simpler. What this does is that it saves you time, and the more time you save the more efficiently you would be able to run your enterprise.

Spending on Tempered Glass PC Cases

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There are a few really important things to consider when spending on tempered glass PC cases, first of all let’s just get this confusion out of the way which is all over the internet regarding tempered glass PC cases, those in support of tempered glass think that it improves the performance of the PC and those against it claim that it contains heat and damages the performance, in reality it has nothing to do with your PC’s performance, so if you are looking for a better performance and that is why you were interested in buying a tempered glass PC case, then don’t because it will not just make any difference.

If you are short on cash then this isn’t something you should consider buying, tempered glass isn’t cheap and it is surely more expensive than the regular cases we buy which is made of plastic, and if you buy a tempered which is a bit cheaper and may not have the right thickness then you might be putting your machine at risk, only buy the best quality stuff when it comes to buying tempered glass PC cases.

The verdict on tempered glass PC cases is that it only improves the aesthetics of the machine and that in all honesty is enough for a lot of us, many of us are really enthusiastic about the machine we assemble and we would not hesitate spending on something which gives that amazing look, it sure look cool as hell and that is reason enough to spend on best tempered glass PC cases.

Since tempered glass PC cases are in such demand these are now available in extension options as well, you can adjust the height of the tower if you choose to make an enhancement to your machine.

What Kind of Cell Phone Jammer You Need?

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According to a survey, an average individual in US gets about 5 inbound calls on their device. This estimate tells a lot about the total traffic of outbound and inbound calls being exchanged between thousands of cell phones in the country on any given day. Many of these unsolicited calls not only cause nuisance to the phone users but they can sometimes even be made with ill intensions in mind. Back in 2000’s most terrorists used a trigger explosive strategy to carry out their crimes on public places, which resulted in devastating casualties on a massive scale. The advent of phone jammers made it easy for the law enforcing authorities to implement their counter-terrorism plans. Not only do these devices minimize then chances of such offenses, but they can also be installed to restore silence and peace in a certain designated area, such as theatre, government building, or school.

Cordless industry went through a period of boom in terms of its growth during the past couple of decades, and after every few years we see upgrades in the existing technological devices. Nowadays you can also purchase a handheld cell-phone jammer rather than having to go through the hassle of installing a heavy-duty jamming system on your ceilings. These handy counterparts are able to block the signals of phones in a short radius, and as long as you don’t have serious concerns to use these tools you would be able to get your value for money. If you want to install a fully ensured jamming system on your office premises or other place, then you should visit the webpage of now. If you want to prohibit the transfer of messages and calls for users in a particular area, then these devices can come in handy for you.

Things You Should Know About WhatsApp Transfer

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One of the things that I dislike about changing phones is the process of transferring my WhasApp. If the ecosystem is same; for instance, if we are talking Android phones, then the process is painless and straightforward. However, if that is not the case, things can get complicated way faster than some of us would like and avoiding that situation is what is most important.

With that out of the way, if you do need some guidance, you can always check HTTPS://BREAKFIXNOW.COM.SG/ as there is a lot of useful information that you can get your hands on. For now, we just want to talk about some of the things that you should know about WhatsApp transfer.

The Chance of Losing Data

If you are not careful while the transfer process, there is always a chance of losing data if you are not being careful. I am saying this because I have experienced this before and it is best if you make a local backup as well as the one that is on the cloud. You only want to be sure that you are protecting your data in every way by creating more and more redundancies.

Using Third Party Applications

Another thing that most people are unaware of is that you can actually go ahead and use third party applications for the transfer to take place. You do not have to worry about anything going out of control when you are relying on these apps because they work really well and without any hassle. It is just super convenient when you are going for something like that. Always make sure that you use such apps for convenience purposes.

The easier your experience is, the better it will be for you.

Staying Safe Around The Net


In simple terms, impersonating another person by stealing their unique identity and using it for wrongful purposes fall under Identity Theft. The internet is filled with cyber attackers that are constantly trying to get personal details of other individuals and using them for their own wrongdoings. The hackers usually take personal details of another person and use it to access their financial data, private communication such as messages and emails and social media accounts. There are so many cases of credit card fraud reported every year all over the world in which unaware victims are contacted by a hacker using either a phishing email or a fake phone call to provide their personal data such as log in i.ds/ user names and passwords. The caller often scares the victim by threatening closure of their account or deletion in some cases unless they give the details required immediately.

On the other hand, hackers are also using malicious software and code snippets to commit computer hardware identity theft by getting the needed information they require to steal someone’s identity and gain access to their records. Using keystroke loggers and sniffing data packets, these individuals are able to record the username and passwords of regular unwary people and use the data for their own benefits. With the advancement of internet technologies, cybersecurity over the last 2 decades has become paramount for both companies as well as government agencies. Often computer hackers target pawnshops and flea markets to buy old computers and hard drives which are then accessed to find information from previous owners. Many IT experts and companies thus recommend using the sanitization process to remove any records of data from the machine. The process basically wipes off the entire record of data by re-writing it with gibberish code to remove any traces of data. Although there have been many tools developed in recent years that can help recover data from damaged hard drives, which means the only sure way to keep your data safe is to physical damage the hard drive before disposing of it.

Here is How You Can Improve Your Printing

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When good thing about techlonogy is that when it is working properly, you don’t have to worry about anything and everything goes properly. But a major drawback of our overconfidence on technology is that when the hardware breaks out of nowhere, the thing becomes frustrating and very hard to recover from.

Here are some of the common  printing problems can how you can fix them easily.

The Slow Printing Speed

Imagine that you got a project that needs to be submitted/ delivered in hard copy. Everything is going well, but when it comes to the final printing part, you printer starts showing it lowest printing speed. We know that unexpected delays like these can cost you especially in projects with tight deadlines.

This problem usually arises when you are trying to print high resolution files or have lower printer memory. High resolution images put extra pressure on your computer and cause the printing process to become slower. So, before starting printing papers in bulk quantity, see if you are okay with the draft or standard quality settings, if yes, then select these settings to decrease the printing times. Also, you can try adding more memory to allow your printer to process faster.

Paper Jam

Paper jam is literally a nightmare for the people trying to print papers in bulk quantity. Since paper jam is one of the most common types of printer errors, many printer manufacturers include the steps to avoid and fix a paper jam in their instruction manual.

A simple way to fix the paper jam is removing the stuck paper, putting everything back in place and restarting the printer. For detailed instructions, visit sites like

Printer Not Working at All

This is also one of the biggest concerns of the people working with printers in their offices. To avoid this, first check of your computer is properly connected to the printer. If this isn’t the main issue, then get the printer inspected by an expert to point out any errors.

Hoverboard Buying Guide For Beginners


When you are out in the market to purchase the best hoverboards that have the least probability of exploding (pun intended), it is always better to evaluate your expectations and needs before investing your hard-earned money in the first product you run into. Choosing a well-built machine is not as easy as it might seem, as you have to get past all the seemingly appealing gadgets that only have superficial qualities. Now that you are ready to get yourself a self-balancing scooter, you need to look for some factors in order to make an informed buying decision that is worth the price.

Despite its name, a hoverboard doesn’t literally enable you to hover over the ground in air, but it basically provides a similar riding experience to that of a traditional scooter without the need of holding a handle all the time. It is a plastic-based board that can be propelled in either direction with the help of a gyroscope and motion sensor attached just below its front part. The riders have to tilt their bodyweight in the direction they want to traverse, and they have to maintain an upright posture during the entire journey to get the best experience out of it. If you are looking for the best hoverboard in 2019, then you can find neutral and unbiased reviews on the webpage now.

Depending upon your budget, the price of a hoverboard can vary anywhere from $100 to $800, as long as you want to invest in a decent and stable gadget. Rather than being tempted to purchase the cheap and flimsy boards that are available for about $50, it is always better to go for those with better quality. This way, you would be able to maintain high standards of health and safety during the ride.

An Important Tip For Web Hosting

Before you start a blog, website or any other form of communication you need to figure out what kind of web hosting you are going to go for. This can be tricky because of the fact that choosing your web hosting service is something that is going to end up having a pretty big impact on the entirety of your blog’s success or failure at the end of the day, so you need to educate yourself on how blogs work and how web hosting functions so that you can end up making the right decision in this regard.

If you’re thinking about going for top quality web hosting you should be aware of one of the biggest tips that anyone can give you when you are going for web hosting. This tip is that you should always avoid hosting services that are going to be offering free web hosting for your needs. While it may make sense to go for options that are going to be free at least at first, after some time you will realize that the free options are just not worth it in the least due to the reason that the quality of the service they provide is not up to the mark at all.

If you go for a free web hosting service your site or blog is probably going to crash quite often, and will go offline during moments when people might have actually been sending a little bit of traffic your way. You might not want to spend money when your blog is just starting out, but sometimes it’s important to make an investment so that you can keep your dream alive, and this blog post can tell you more.

Building a Gaming PC: Everything You Need to Know as a Beginner

Setting up a gaming rig for the first time can be a very intimidating process – especially if you are a novice gamer, and you should be prepared to face challenges while you try your best to accommodate high-spec components in your system. A high-tech customized rig can easily outpace any sophisticated new laptop model, and this is the reason you should give it some time before you are finally able to come up with a highly-functional desktop. A gaming console – which is comes fully operational straight out of the box – might offer your initial gaming-related needs but as you start getting better, you would need to make constant changes in your rig in order stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends.

One of the most common mistakes newbies tend to make is getting a compact-sized console, which leaves out no room for upgrades of different components such as CPU, GPU, and RAM. So, despite the fact that you might feel the need for high-end specs as of yet but you should also invest your money in a rig that can be fully optimized according to the latest features later no. Make sure to refer to this excellent gaming motherboard review to get an overview of the type of options available in the market.

For beginners, they might feel tempted to invest their money in factors that enhance the superficial value of the system such as custom paint jobs or liquid cooling features, but you should always evaluate your investment in terms of its long-term value. These investments might give your rig a fancy look, but it would only decrease your chances of buying a heavy-duty gaming machine. This is the reason; you should always purchase interior components after a thorough market research.

Understanding The Basic Difference Between NAS, DAS And SAN

There are different kinds of storage options and each one of them provides advantages of their own. Following is the difference between NAS with two particular storage alternatives; directly-attached storage (DAS) and storage-area network (SAN) and how they facilitate each user in a distinct way.


While NAS is a committed file storage that allows multiple users and heterogeneous client devices to utilize data from a common disk capacity or from a device that is connected to the similar network, DAS or directly-attached storage works a little differently. DAS is also a committed server or a dedicated storage device which on the contrary, is not connected to a network. To elaborate more, DAS is merely an extension of a current server and may not be networked. A common example of DAS would be a computer’s hard drive.

While both NAS and SAN can substantially increase the storage size by RAID or clustering, DAS functions better than NAS when it comes to computer-related software. Furthermore, installing DAS is also easier as compared to NAS as all a user has to do is buying the drives that he needs to attach to the insert. See to know more about what NAS features. Furthermore, when connected to a server, NAS has a better performance than SAN and also renders the advantage of sharing storage with several users.


While NAS works by offering both storage and a file system, SAN (storage area network) offers only storage and that too block-based, leaving the clients to deal with the file system. To put it more simply, SAN works on various storage alternatives on a liberated, advanced network.

Another difference commonly observed between NAS and SAN is that the former organizes I/O requests for separate files whereas the latter handles the similar requests on adjacent units of data.

Perfect Mobile Subscription Package Does Exist!

Like it has been said, nothing is perfect, but any imperfect thing can be perfect for your use if you make the right choice according to your specific situation and need. This thing applies to literally everything in your life. In this article, you will be guided on how to choose the mobile subscription that can be “perfect” for you.

All you need to do is, first of all, know what you want. What you are actually looking for and what are your expectations when you subscribe for any package. Are you looking for better call rates? Message package? Internet package and speed? Then the most important thing is the budget, what you are actually willing to pay for this service and to fulfill your need to own a mobile phone.

Once you are clear with what you actually want and what you are willing to pay then comes the main point. Thirdly and most importantly, look for the available options and what they offer. There will be so many options available in your regions which would offer several offers and packages, each one claims to be the best and vouch for their services.

However, you can not choose all, you have to just pick one that you think is perfect for you. To make it much easier, there are various websites and blogs that give you information regarding different mobile subscription offers in one place. One such website example is

You can visit this site and see how different options are listed and how the features, specifications, and services are briefly written down making it much easier for users to compare and learn the difference. This can not only lead to making a wise choice but you will actually get to know that what you are paying for and is that even worth the price compared to other options available.