Do You Need to Pressure Wash Before Painting?

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Coating your house with a fresh layer of paint can renew it and make it seem like it was built just a short amount of time into the past, so if you have been living in a particular domicile for long enough you might want to at the very least consider going for a new paint job. Before you start painting to your heart’s content, suffice it to say that there are a few preparatory steps that you might need to contend with because of the fact that your paint might start to peel off if you fail to adhere to these regulations.

The first thing that you should do before you paint your outer walls is to clean the surfaces with pressure washing near me. The prime culprit that needs to be eradicated through the use of highly pressurized jets of water is mold due to the reason that mold tends to feast upon paint thereby making it rather likely that any mold spores underneath your new paint layer would begin to chow down and ruin it entirely in just a few months.

You would ideally want your paint to last a few years at the bare minimum, so it helps to remove any underlying mold with pressure cleaning. The removal of mold creates a situation wherein your walls will have a much cleaner surface to stick to. There will be no mold to consume the paint, nor will there be any particulate matter that would turn into unsightly bumps in the coating. This preparatory step is vital if you want to ensure that your paint will end up lasting as long as you want it to.