How Long Does a Car Wrap Last

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Cars are often seen through a purely functional lens, but they can also be excellent assets that can appreciate in value if you play your cards right. There are countless things that you could potentially look into for the purposes of boosting the overall value of your care, but few of these methods would come anywhere close to what car wrapping can send your way. A wrapped car loses some of the prestige of its brand, but in cases where you bought a cheap car that does not belong to a notable brand suffice it to say that wrapping it up with aesthetically pleasing stickers can do a lot to make it seem more valuable at the end of the day.

One thing that might want to obtain a reasonable level of certainty about is how long your car wrap is supposed to last under an ideal set of circumstances. In a perfect world, a car wrap should last around a decade but we all know that the world we are currently living in is anything but perfect. Most of the car stickers available can last a decade, but it is more likely that the general wear and tear they go through slashes at least a couple of years off of their life expectancy.

In most cases, you can expect your car wrap to last between five to seven years. After this time period has elapsed you might want to change the wrapping due to the reason that it will look quite worn out and faded. Cleaning your car properly might let you squeeze and extra year or two off of it but only if you are lucky.