How to Tell If Your Gutters Need Cleaning

Although most of us don’t worry about having our gutters cleaned unless they live someplace where it rains a lot, we’re going to tell you what to keep your eyes out for to know if your gutters need servicing or not. Faulty gutters can cause a whole lot of problems that people don’t know about, which is why so many people are left wondering what would happen if they didn’t service their gutters on time.

To put things into perspective, if you don’t clean your gutter on time, your roof will have no way of getting rid of the water. If you have a slanted roof, then water will run down your walls instead and cause them to become dirty. If your roof retains water, it can seep through and damage your ceiling. Your home’s foundations could crack and rot. If that doesn’t sound bad enough, your home will also have ore insects once there’s more moisture around. Learn more about what you can do about drains that won’t work. Here’s what to look out for to make sure that your rainwater gets drained.

Birds Around The Gutters

This could mean one of two things; either rainwater is stuck in the gutter and there are now birds drinking from it or that a bird is building a nest in your gutter, which will later turn into something that clogs your gutter when you need it to remove water.

Your Gutter is Sagging

If your gutter appears to sag after the rain, then it’s probably full of water and that’s not a good sign at all. There’s something in your gutter that’s blocking water and if it rains again, your gutter will be useless unless you have it cleaned out.